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  • Quality Engineer

    Education:College or above
    Number of people:1 person
    Salary:6000-7000 RMB
    1.Analyze the important quality risks of the company's product manufacturing process,Propose quality control processes, procedures and standards for all important aspects.
    2.Organize the implementation of quality control throughout the entire process,Including but not limited to incoming inspection, process inspection, product inspection, etc.
    3.Regular feedback, analysis and summary of quality issues, and targeted improvement measures.
  • Salesperson

    Education:College or above
    Number of people:2 person
    Salary:Salary + commission
    1.Business Administration, Marketing and other related majors,Engineering and technology priority.
    2.2 years of marketing, sales experience.
    3.Honest and confident, optimistic and enterprising, highly motivated, proactive, follow-up, independent analytical and problem-solving skills, good communication skills and persuasive skills.
    4.Healthy, willing to socialize and travel.
    5.Experience in foreign companies or machinery and rubber industry is preferred.
  • Design engineer

    cation: College or above
    Number of people: 1 person
    Salary: 5000 or more
    1. Bachelor degree or above in chemical engineering or science or engineering;
    2, with rubber, machinery and other related professional knowledge, design skills, software application skills, including 2D, 3D design software
    3, have a considerable sense of innovation and a high sense of responsibility, communication skills, planning skills, teamwork.
  • Technician

    Education: College or above
    Number of people: 1 person
    Salary: more than 4500 + performance bound + year-end bound
    1. Majors in chemical engineering and machinery;
    2, skilled use of OFFICE office software; understand and can use AUTOCAD, PROE and other design software; have a solid theoretical basis of mechanical design; can independently solve product use related issues;
    3. Experience in rubber and sealing industry is preferred
  • Experimenter

    Education: College or above
    Number of people: 1 person
    Salary: 4000-5000 yuan
    1. Chemical related majors;
    2.proficient in office software, understand mechanical engineering drawings;
    3. rubber professional or familiar with rubber material testing work is preferred
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