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TAISUN Sealing Technology Co., Ltd.

TAISUN was established in 1999, follow the spirit of the craftsman with "innovative and high-quality" to continue self-breakthrough, which makes Taisun become an industry leader in industrial sealing technology. Now, Taisun is proud of more than 10,000㎡ manufacturer base, more than 300 employees, 30 professional R&D engineers, 35 efficient customer service specialists, providing more than 10,000 kinds of specifications of sealing products. customized sealing solutions for customers which are around from more than 115 countries and 80 cities in China.

TECHWELL Rubber Technology Co., Ltd.

Based on the industrialization of new rubber materials in high-end applications, TECHWELL Rubber Technology is devoted to the development and production of custom-made sealing products, high-precision rubber sealing products and various new rubber materials, providing customers with high-quality sealing products and overall solutions for automotive rubber products. Tycoway's new wear-resistant materials and new rubber formulation design, innovative sol technology, superior characteristics of the cloth manufacturing technology has won a number of national invention patents, through NSF, TECHWELL, UL, RoHs certification, with industry, automotive, pneumatic, high-speed rail, CNC machine tools, medical equipment, hydraulic, water treatment and many other industries benchmark customers strategic cooperation. Strict IATF16949 production process control, the unique advantages of agile production, to ensure rapid response to customer product delivery and quality requirements.


TECHWELL is committed to R&D and production of high-end rubber seals and automotive rubber products. Its core products include: rubber jacket diaphragm, rubber metal jacket tetrafluoro composite diaphragm, automotive seals, shock absorbers, composite shock absorbers, tire explosion-proof belt, deep-sea leak-proof seals, etc. The company has established a long-term cooperative relationship with Qingdao University of Science and Technology and Ukraine National Academy of Sciences. It has developed new rubber materials, new technologies and new processes with advanced international technologies. It has passed the provincial appraisal of scientific and technological achievements and has many national patents.


TECHWELL management team has more than 20 years experience in rubber shock absorber production, mature manufacturing technology, rich experience with automotive main engine factory, with synchronous technology research and development capabilities. The company has established a sound quality control and management system, has passed the IATF16949 quality management system certification, stable quality, strong comprehensive production capacity.


Advanced laboratory low temperature brittleness test equipment, ozone resistance test equipment, low temperature rebound test equipment, special endurance test equipment, high and low temperature aging test equipment, tensile tester, wear resistance tester and other imported testing equipment and modern workshop rubber injection moulding machine, vacuum hot press vulcanizing machine and other precision production equipment, can meet customer research on automotive industry shock absorption products. Strategic demand for production occurs.


TECHWELL company takes the rubber material modification research and development as the core, provides the sealing and shock absorption system solution for the global automobile users, mainly supporting FAW Volkswagen, FAW Liberation, Geely Automobile, Jianghuai Automobile, Futian Automobile, Great Wall Automobile and other customers, devotes itself to "becoming a leading manufacturer of rubber precision products" and contributes high-quality products and services to automobiles and other industrial fields.