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Always believe wonderful things will happen



It means the rising sun of TAISUN's business, such as the top of Mount Tai.


Vigorous, ambitious, brave, and strive for excellence!


TAISUN team values: Self-cultivation, Helpful, strive, and innovation!

                 Rigorous, professional, passionate, and challenging!

TAISUN will continue to lead the technology, quality, service, focusing on creating value for customers!To contribute to society with excellent quality as our mission! We are committed to becoming a professional manufacturer of excellent rubber products, precision seals and auto parts products!


TAISUN culture:We don't have a strict hierarchy. Every colleague is equal as a partner.

TAISUN advocates an innovative and efficient team culture. We rarely have lengthy meetings and processes to develop our creativity in a relaxed, collaborative work environment.


Office environment:Relaxed environment, relaxed atmosphere, where you can show your talents and creativity

Company Activities:The company organizes a variety of activities every year, such as spring tours, climbing, parties, basketball games, tug-of-war competitions, badminton competitions, swimming competitions, photography competitions, etc., to enrich work and life.

Management philosophy:

Caring for employee growth and providing employees with a good working environment and incentive mechanism;

Improve the employee training system and career development channel, so that employees can enjoy the joy of growing up with the company;

Fully respect and trust employees, and constantly guide and encourage them to make them happy.

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