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Automotive parts

Automotive parts system seals

1.Engine system: heater pipe, fuel pipe, gas pipe, radiator pipe, intake pipe, exhaust pipe, three-dimensional blow molding air intake pipe, engine mount, torsional vibration damper, filter seal, O-ring Radiator seals, gaskets, intake manifold oil seals, engine oil seals, main tooth oil seals, curved front shaft oil seals, valve oil seals.
2.Brake system: brake caliper dust cover, sub-pump dust cover, brake dust cover, oil cup seal, clutch guard, rear case gas seal, valve type seal, guide pin dust cover, The ABS assembly uses rubber parts, oil cans, vacuum booster control valves, and membranes.
3.Steering system: steering gear oil seal, steering dust cover, steering gear sheath, steering column sheath, steering bushing, support rod bushing, universal joint disc, power steering oil pipe assembly.
4.Chassis system: bushing, chassis suspension, shock absorbing sleeve, injection molded dust cover, stabilizer bar bushing, shock absorbor jacket, shock absorber spring pad.
5.Body system: Exhaust pipe hanger, body rubber parts, fenders, fuel filler jacket, exhaust pipe lifting ears, car air conditioning drain pipe, water tank, pedal pad.
6.Electrical and lamp system: harness hose, harness sheath, automotive electrical rubber mat, sealing ring, lamp mat.
7.Three-filter system: rectangular ring, sealing ring, check valve piece.
8.Drive system: Intermediate support, input shaft oil seal, hub oil seal, shift shaft oil seal, semi-shaft oil seal, transmission oil seal, protective cover, spiral buffer block.
9. Cooling system
10. Air suspension and motor system

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